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ADP Models is a comprehensive, full service, architectural model making company based in Boston Ma. We have been building architectural and engineering models for over 30 years and continue to service some of the most well respected clients around the world. The quality and speed of our work is directly related to our ability to work closely with architects and designers. A keen understanding of core architectural pillars allows us to form more dynamic partnerships and provide more direct input. At ADP Model Shop, we stand at the intersection of art and science.


We build architectural and engineering models for a variety of purposes. From marketing models to study models, ADP has you covered.

Marketing Models

We provide marketing models for sales offices around the world. Detailing open units with dynamic lighting display programs is one of our many specialties.

Fundraising Models

Our fundraising models are typically utilized by organizations looking to show potential investors what the will be investing in.

Prototyping Models

Prototyping models are utilized when three-dimensional digital files need to be converted to physical objects. Our 3D printers are capable of printing some of the most innovative new advancements.

Zoning Models

Zoning models are built for a variety of reasons. Often we build these models in order for our clients to get permission to build. They present our end product to various boards in order to get a variance.

Study Models

Study models allow our clients to make crucial decisions during complex projects. We build study models to give an added level of perspective in dynamic environments.

Litigation Models

We build litigation models for detailed court hearings and cases involving location. In addition to architectural landscape models, we also build engeenring models to show faulty equipment and 3d schematics.

Education Models

Architectural models of university campuses are common at ADP Models. Often universities are tasked with building new centers for learning and require  physical models to approve concepts. We have worked with many leading state and private institutions.

Competition Models

When architectural firms are asked to submit their design for review, we build the models that get their clients attention. Winning a competition can secure the account and finalize budgets from developers, corporations, and governments alike.